Friday, 23 May 2014


A drama-filled five-hour long full council meeting ended in a deadlock, with city fathers reportedly refusing to endorse most items brought on the agenda of the day.

Before we were asked to leave after the meeting had just become hotter, council was deliberating on taking over GO Beer Breweries following the former’s belly going up.

It was heard that the company owed around $600 000 to other businesses, and resolutions to downsize staff at the troubled company, reduce working hours, as well as showing board members the exit in a respectable and amicable manner where tabled out.

Councillors also expressed dismay over uncollected refuse due to a broken down but relatively new fleet of service delivery trucks, and malfunctioning streetlights.

Town House was of the view that the local authority should manage its own vehicles, with bureaucratic hurdles from the district administrator’s office cited in the passing of a resolution to employ mechanics or other critical staff.

Gweru Town House
Then the media was asked to excuse the councillors and top city officials as they debated on other crucial issues affecting the City of Progress.

Town Clerk Daniel Matau refused to comment.

"Write what you heard during  those few minutes. Normally I do not handle the press, save for the deputy town clerk (Tapiwa Marerwa)" he said.

"This is just the beginning," a ZANU (PF) councillor remarked happily within our earshot soon after the meeting. The liberation party has three representatives in the 18-member (elected) house.

However a senior council official promised to provide minutes of the meeting.