Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Richard Matimba- The Man behind "Zviri Kumbonyatsofamba Sei?"

He deserves the man of the moment tag owing to his hillarious jokes circulating via social media both locally and abroad. His jokes are just irresistible and it appears he has managed to win the hearts of many with popular Zim Asset comic texts while his popular”Zvinombofamba sei” chant has become a hit with many. H-Metro’s Rest Mutore managed to get hold of this comedian Uncle Richie and he opened up on his creative edge.

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Richard Matimba
RM: How are you Uncle Richie

UR: I am great brother, but ah wotonzwa munhu achikutsvaga hanzi HMetro achitokuti saka unozvifambisa sei wobva watoshaya kuti zvinhu zvacho zvinombofamba sei( laughs)

RM: You are the man with the comical voice over and text about “ZIMASSET” and “zvinombfambasei” clips circulating via smarphones and social media?

UR: Yes, I throw a joke every week whenever I come across hillarious stuff or a topic that has created much attention in society.

RM: But it seems as if most of them are dry Jokes

UR: Yes that is how I do my things. Comedy is my passion so I just do things that make people laugh. If you look at Zim Asset and the attention it generated; it came into my mind that I should do something.

RM: So you are a stand up comedian?

UR: Yes though I am yet to take it seriously because of other commitments.

RM: Are people aware that you are behind these Jokes.

UR: A few who are close to me and I am glad that the public will now know.

RM: Did you expect that your jokes will have such an impact.

UR: I expected a good response, because I even enjoy it when I am recording or writing them. But to be frank the response is now overwhelming, the Jokes have made a lot of noise zvekuti unobva watoshaya kuti zvirikufamba sei, the idea is just to make people laugh.

RM: Why do you think it’s so important to laugh?

UR: Laughter is one thing we can all share, I also feel the world should keep on laughing regardless of the challenges one might be going through. In short, laughing is very important as it makes you forget about your problems.

RM: Are you conscious of the gift that you have

UR: I am aware,that is my job. It’s a gift yes and I am thankful to the almighty because it is not easy to be able to appeal to people, It’s not something that comes easy to have a sense of humour.

RM: Are your jokes premeditated?

UR: Not all of them Because i start a joke based on what is happening at that particular time.

RM: I understand you feature on Star FM’s Breeze slot?

One of Matimba's posters
UR: Tariro and Iyati, the ladies who host the show, heard one of my clips “mudhikoni Bhebhe”  on Whatsapp and they invited me for a one show and later decided that I should come regularly.

RM: Have you performed before?

UR: Yes.

RM: any show soon?

UR: I am not in Zimbabwe, you are lucky that you managed to get hold of me. At the moment I am in Sweden and I am due to tour Denmark and United Kingdom. I will land at the Harare International airport in two weeks time where the ZTV and Sunday mail will be waiting for me(laughs)

RM:  Has there ever been a point, where you though, I should have not said that?

UR: Not at all, As  I said before I talk about things that would have created much attention. I just stay in a lane where I can only offend myself.

RM: Where do you see yourself in the ladder of comedy?

UR: I just want to be a successful comedian I still have a long way to go.  It’s just these Jokes that made me popular and I believe that the public can position me. There is much need to give respect for those who have been in the industry before.

RM: Why the name Uncle Richie?

UR: It came from my real name Richard Matimba

RM: Besides comedy, what else do you do?

UR: I am a musician with one gospel album, a trained Music and Shona teacher with Mutare teachers college. at the moment I  teach music at Dominican convent, David Livingstone and other schools.

RM: are  you married, if so, how does your family take your job.

UR: I am married, blessed with  three kids, they know that comedy is my passion.

RM: Thanks uncle Rich for the chat.

UR: You are welcome.


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