Thursday, 10 July 2014

Strippers descend on Mkoba

Village 14 of Mkoba is a place with roads that have a lot of potholes, likemost urban roads in Gweru and the whole of Zimbabwe at large.
The stripper

Cars also share the suburb's dusty roads with donkey-drawn carts, and coming across the beast of burden giving birth is not unusual in this urban township.

A donkey giving birth in the streets of Mkoba

With its seemingly backwardness, this place has suddenly become home to strippers!

Nightclub patrons ignored the World Cup semi-final pitting Netherlands and Argentina when a female stripper climbed up a bar counter, removed her clothes and began dancing in a sexually suggestive manner, causing the predominantly 'makorokoza' patrons scream for more Oliver Twist-style.



 Men rushed to the counter, groping for a feel of her plump, naked flesh.

The next morning just before breakfast, the same stripper, putting on the same clothes, was still in the night club keeping some  gold-panners company. 

At the shopping centre, empty bottles of BronCleer cough syrup, an intoxicant now a hit among teenagers and 'makorokoza", and used condoms, were strewn all over the place. I also took photos of a drunk urinating on a Victory Life Tabernacle fence, while his colleague negotiated with a well-known bracket-legged hooker.

Urinating on the church fence

Its unfortunate that some pupils from Mkoba 4 primary school pass by that filthy place. At least those from Progress College, situated a stone's throw from the shops, are teenagers, and can manage to look aside.

If this is not an evil and adulterous generation, then there is not going to be one.