Sunday, 22 February 2015

Adulterous couple stuck during sex, die

Crowd witnessing 'runyoka' last Friday
The unidentified hubby had reportedly demanded R50 000, to 'unlock' the two lovebirds.

According to a source, the incident occurred in Yeoville, Johanesburg in South Africa on Friday.

 The husband to the adulteress is a Zimbabwean man from Tsholosho, Matebeleland, while the adulterer was from Nigeria.

The couple ended up leaving their love-nest stuck, and shot out, appealing for help!

However latest reports suggest they both died.

Informs Polite Posso Tafirei on our Facebook account:Ths true n e guy died last nite coz ma doctors akamuita operation zvikaenda ne wrong side.

Adds Ephraim Matanha: Vese vakafa nezuro video ndinayo. (They both died yesterday, I have the video)

However Doyisile Maseko argues the video is not authentic: Video haisiri iyo.

Even Tshuks darlington MaThousand agrees to disagree, saying the video originated from Kenya.

He posts: "Video iyo Ephraim its Kenya very very old,mazimba nhema,top of the league."

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