Tuesday, 27 May 2014


  A baseball fan unknowingly disgusted millions of fans watching back home on TV when he made the woman next to him smell his sweaty armpit. 

The majority of viewers watching the clash between Miami Marlins and Washington Nationals on Monday were transfixed on Bernie Castro's game face. But as Castro dreamt of making history with his bat, one disinterested fan, dressed in shades and a cream coloured vest top, decided to grab a handful of sweat odour from his armpit. 

What he did next sent millions of viewers reaching for the sick bucket. Cameras picked up the middle-aged fan as he smelled his fingers before wiping them on the poor woman's face who was sitting next to him - possibly his partner. As she wretches and tilts her head back, he's still not satisfied, as even goes back for another wipe, causing her to hurl once more.

 If your partner did this to you on national TV what would your reaction be? 

Laugh and do it back? Spend the day vomiting and crying? Make them apologise? Call your divorce lawyer?

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