Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Wife dumps hubby for another woman

A self professed lesbian Elizabeth Moyo, has snatched a married woman, Dayton Jackson, from her husband, according to media reports.

But the affair has not gone down with Jackson's father, Ray, known in Gweru social circles as Ray J, who has reportedly vowed to kill Moyo.

She told the police: “Ray Jackson who is Dayton’s father told my landlord that he will douse me with acid if I continued seeing his daughter. As a result, I am now scared. I live in constant fear.”

The threats, according to the reports, came after the lesbian lovers were caught pants down making love on December 26, 2015, at a house in Mtapa suburb, Gweru.

A source said: “Jackson came to Gweru on Christmas Day with all her clothes and told her uncle that she had left her husband. Moyo and Jackson were later caught having sex.”

Moyo told journalists how she met Jackson whom she calls the 'love of her life', who also showed interest in her.

“I once stayed with Jackson’s uncle who offered me a job soon after I was released from Midlands Children’s Home, that is how I met her.

When they offered to help me, they were told about my homosexuality and they still agreed. Jackson lured me with her suggestive moves until I decided to propose to her and she agreed.”
I don't want this nonsense...Ray J
But their affair met resistance from the onset after Dayton’s father stumbled on raunchy pictures of the two women.

“We ran out of luck when her father saw pictures of us kissing in my phone. Since then, he knew something was going on between us and he wants to make sure that we separate.”

Jackson was married off to a man so as to stop the homosexual lifestyle she was getting into but she soon left her husband to be with Moyo.

Moyo continued: “Jackson came to my home with her bags saying she no longer wanted to stay with her husband but she wanted to stay with me.

She also brought a laptop which she had stolen from her husband."

Moyo who was arrested and detained after they were caught having sex, says she is not happy that she was the only one detained while her lover was allowed to go back to her family.

"I know homosexuality is not allowed in the country but it’s only fair that she gets arrested as well because we are in this together, besides it’s something that I had no control of.

I love her and she loves me as well, so I will not leave her because of her father.

What surprises me is that I had to endure two nights in the police cells while Jackson was home with her parents. She admitted in front of her parents that we are in a relationship but she was never put behind bars."

Lesbianism is illegal in Zimbabwe and President Robert Mugabe has often described gays as worse than dogs and pigs. MYZIMBABWE/ GWERU TODAY

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