Friday, 12 August 2016

Mujuru, Tsvangirai clash in Gweru

Former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her ZimPF outfit will be in Gweru during the weekend, holding a rally on the same day and exactly at the same time Morgan Tsvangirai will be in the city engaging supporters and voters.

According to posters, Mujuru will be at Mkoba stadium for the 'Star Rally' on Saturday starting 10AM. Former prime minister Tsvangirai of the MDC-T will at the same time be marching from Amtec open space to the civic centre. 

"(She will) speak about how People First is going to address issues of corruption, economic decline, health, education, unemployment, and social change," informed the party.

MDC-T vice presidents Thokozani Khupe, Nelson Chamisa, and Elias Mudzuri are lined up as speakers at the Gweru engagement, dubbed 'Midlands Demo.'

Appeals by people of all walks of life for the parties to reschedule their rallies and allow either of them to meet Gweru voters seemed to fall on deaf ears.

"Why not work together?," appealed Dr Evans Sagomba. Blessing Murevererwi had this to say on his twitter account: "Would be nice not to clash though.People like me would like to see both.Not a good arrangement."

Recently ZimPF cancelled its Matabeleland South rally pencilled for 24 August after realizing that they would make people choose between going to a gospel music concert featuring Rebecca Malope and other South African artists, and attending the rally.

Meanwhile, there is a heavy police presence already in the city.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Mambo man 'hangs self from tree'

A man from Mambo suburb in Gweru is said to have been found hanging from a tree this morning.

Mwaneyi, aka Mwatso (centre) with friends

Sources say the hospital employee, identified as Mwaneyi Mathe, had absconded from work for the past three days.

It could not be established from independent sources that he indeed spent the self-awarded off days boozing.

A sombre atmosphere still engulfs Magwaya Road, where he resided. 

Uncensored pics on Gweru Today - Graphic Content Facebook page

Friday, 15 July 2016

Demo at Nehanda police station in Mkoba 18

Blessed Muringo
Restive Gweru mourners reportedly raided Nehanda police station today, sending officers scurrying for cover.

This follows an incident in which the charred remains of a missing four year-old boy were found in a sack. Sources say some body parts were missing.

"The mourners were accusing police of sleeping on duty, concentrating more on 'raising money for 'chefs' by mounting numerous senseless roadblocks," said an informant.

Mkoba legislator Amos Chibaya finally managed to restrain the restive crowd.

Blessed Muringo(pictured) had been last seen alive at around 1830hrs, on 12 June this year.
Mkoba MP Amos Chibaya

Meanwhile, several other incidents of missing children in Mkoba have been reported. Body parts are said to fetch a lot of money in South Africa, were they are mixed with juju to enrich oneself, we were were made to believe.

Police were yet to comment at the time of posting.

Nominees for the 3rd Midlands Music Awards

Here are the nominees for Mavis Koslek's 3rd Midlands Music Awards:

Best Producer
Josh “JaeMac” Makoni
Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma
Comfort “Sky” Chimedza
Swizz E Productions
Themba (Dj Themba Remember) Kuzvikonda

Best Music Video

Jehovah Tshuvah – Pastor Olinda
Zino Irema – Takura
You & I – Goodchild
Ndai (Money) – Ur Highness
Ishe Wemadzishe – Knowledge Khanye

Best Single

Zino Irema – Takura
Delilah – Goodchild
Mwedzi Muchena – Dj Stavo ft Oliver Mtukudzi
Ready to Go – FYP ft QuaZor   

Best Hiphop Music
TupAc Shakur – Afriken
Colour of Dreams – Guluva Se7en
Singles Collection – Crystalefire
LAZARUS – Ur Highness
Chibhachura – Di Truth

Best Jazz Music
Kushingirira  - Valentyne
Tichasvika Chete – Samukoko
SENTIMENTAL – Brandon Mvura
Pentimento – Brandon Mvura

Best Newcomer
Heavy Rain – Daniel Mhere
Jehovah Tshuvah – Pastor Olinda                       
Pentimento & SENTIMENTAL – Brandon Mvura
Singles Collection – Drudaman T
Uringirozi – Junior Tee

Best Club DJ

Dj Crocx
Dj Masty
Dj Brian
Dj G Freshy
Dj Silver

Best Dancehall Music
Singles Collection – Tiny Trigger
10 outter 10 – Giantau Int.
Chamanginga – Zizoe
Kuonesana – Legion
Last Numb3r - Magaivha

Best House Music
Mwedzi Muchena – Dj Stavo ft Oliver Mutukudzi

Best Reggae/Chigiyo Music
Singles Collection – Chaki & The Specialist

Best Collaboration
Mwedzi Muchena – Dj Stavo ft Oliver Mutukudzi
Kushingirira – Valentyne ft Prince K Musarurwa
Ndakanya – Brandon Mvura ft Edith WeUtonga & Claire
Daza to Topola – Guluva Se7en ft Cal_vin
Lazarus – Ur Highness ft Roki

Best AfroPop Music
Singles Collection – Goodchild
Monumental – Brandon Mvura & Serah K
The Future Vol 1 – The Future Crew

Best Traditional Gospel Music
Hwamanda – Albert Chawa Israel
Double Double – Mathias Mhere
Ishe Wemadzishe – Knowledge Khanye & Psalmville Voices
Anenyasha – Attalia Parehwa
Heavy Rain – Daniel Mhere

Best Contemporary Gospel Music

Jehovah Tshuvah – Pastor Olinda
His Grace – Wellaz (ft Will Young)
Mabasa Makuru – Nybal
Happy Birthday – EECF Praise Team
Inguva Chete – Panganai Sithole

Lifetime Achievement Award
Anthony Mukanga a.k.a Tony G | Baseline Studios.

Best Radio DJ/Personality
Dj Chilli – Power FM Zimbabwe
Ruvarangu Tichareva – YaFm
Dj Tony G – ZiFM Stereo
Gogo Beau – YaFm

Monday, 11 July 2016

Guard succumbs to chilly weather

A night watchman seconded to a house in Lundi Park died due to suspected chilly weather.

Of late low temperatures have hit the Midlands capital, with snow reportedly falling in Lower Gweru.

According to a police source, all seemed normal last Thursday when the guard commented that the previous night had been extremely cold.

He however was later during the day taken ill, and died.

Meanwhile a body of an elderly man was found in a state of decomposition a few hundred metres from 'Fisher' farm homestead near village 18, Mkoba.

Foul play could not as yet be ruled out in the latest incident.

In both cases, police were said to be waiting for  post mortem results. - Gweru Today

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

#ShutDownZimbabwe2016 #Gweru update. Wednesday 6 July 2016, 1330hrs

About 60 percent of businesses shutdown in Gweru. No acts of violence reported, though the situation is tense.

MDC-T Midlands administrator Joseph Madyagasva said to have been picked up by CIO for allegedly inciting violence. The spy agency does not speak to the media.

A few pupils who went to school earlier on were turned away. Parents accompanied their kids to and from kindergarten schools as the commuter omnibuses they pay once a month are not on the road.

A few kombis plying the Mkoba - City-centre route. The story is different in Ascot where the usual transporters are parked.

Not many pirate taxis, mostly Honda Fit models, are carrying people into and out of town, seeing this as their chance to make money.

Service stations are also closed, save Zuva Petroleum, linked to Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere. OK Supermarket, and Vice President Mphoko-linked Choppies supermarket open.

Heavy police and other state agents presence in the CBD, particularly outside Choppies.

OK was using one door at first, but is now fully open.

Some civilian nurses and doctors turned up for work at health institutions such as Gweru Provincial Hospital and Mkoba Poly Clinic.

Internet, particularly social networks such as WhatsApp and Facebook 'locked'. They are however transmitting messages once in a while.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

#ShutDownZim #Gweru Update. 1330hrs, 5 August 2016

About 90 percent of businesses are open in the Midlands capital, with the majority of them saying they will not attempt doing so come tomorrow.
Anti-riot police camped outside VP Mphoko's Main St. Choppies Supermarket

There is a heavy police presence, especially in the Central Business District. No roadblocks, which is rather unusual. Ostensibly, traffic officers have been called to beef up the anti-riot section. 

Usually there are four roadblocks from the 4km stretch from Mkoba 12 to town. The first roadblock in usually mounted at Mkoba 12 turn-off, the next by the ZESA powerlines between Mambo and Mkoba. The last two are normally found near Mtapa cemetery and the National Foods depot along Hamutyinei Road.

Water cannons and other crowd control vehicles going around most parts of the city. Helicopters from the nearby Thornhill Airbase earlier turned the whole thing into a mini air-show. 

Police in anti-riot gear and known detectives are camped outside Choppies supermarket, Main Street. Social media messages, surprisingly some from Zanu PF activists, warned people not to ‘stay near Choppies’. Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko is one of the shareholders of the supermarket.

A few teachers did not turn up at some schools, so did their students and pupils.

Otherwise its business as usual.