Thursday, 22 May 2014


A video has emerged of President Mugabe and Grace entering a private hospital in Singapore. The footage shows the First Lady protesting at the journalist who was filming the couple. The footage has been shown by UK television station Channel 4.

President Mugabe and his inner circle core enjoy the luxury of foreign hospitals as millions succumb to death in poorly equipped public hospitals in Zimbabwe, critics claim.

In the video, President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace is seen shouting at the citizen journalist shooting the video, “Why are you taking photos?”

She continues:“You shouldn’t take photos”

The man then replies:
“Why? Its a public place”

A CIO agent and bodyguard then moved in to stop the video-grapher.

President Robert Mugabe flew to Singapore to have his eyes checked at a trusted hospital, according to his spokesman George Charamba. But the UK produced video was titled: “Is Mugabe visiting this hospital for cancer treatment?”-Online