Saturday, 12 July 2014


A Gweru building had part of its front, the verandah and all, crumbling like a deck of cards, crashing a vehicle parked nearby.

Thank God no kids, or adults, were nearer to that spot when this happened.

Heavy iron beams, mountains of crushed brick, and such debris, lay at the place, as if some suicide bomber had done his thing.

Then deputy mayor Taurai Demo and his team rushed to Fifth Street, the scene of the accident, where it was later established that the building contractor, and some inspectors from the local authority who certified the building as 'standard' had done a shoddy job.

Iron sheets were quickly mounted to seal off the site from the Gweru public. And that was it.
Businesses operating from within, mostly hair saloons and tailors, closed. Even telecommunications giant NetOne, just next door, moved to the Main Post Office situated at corner Robert Mugabe Way and Seventh Street, where its sister company ZimPost offered it shelter.

That was some four or so years ago. The front part of the building remains closed, although the same entrepreneurs, plus some other small enterprise operators, are now conducting their businesses from that building, using the back entrance.

Do not say I did not warn you if your wife or daughter does not come back aenda to that place to have a hairdo. And even that relative of yours wekuda sadza remumukoto will one day 'see' that all cheap things come with a price.

That place is a time bomb, I warn you.