Wednesday, 6 July 2016

#ShutDownZimbabwe2016 #Gweru update. Wednesday 6 July 2016, 1330hrs

About 60 percent of businesses shutdown in Gweru. No acts of violence reported, though the situation is tense.

MDC-T Midlands administrator Joseph Madyagasva said to have been picked up by CIO for allegedly inciting violence. The spy agency does not speak to the media.

A few pupils who went to school earlier on were turned away. Parents accompanied their kids to and from kindergarten schools as the commuter omnibuses they pay once a month are not on the road.

A few kombis plying the Mkoba - City-centre route. The story is different in Ascot where the usual transporters are parked.

Not many pirate taxis, mostly Honda Fit models, are carrying people into and out of town, seeing this as their chance to make money.

Service stations are also closed, save Zuva Petroleum, linked to Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere. OK Supermarket, and Vice President Mphoko-linked Choppies supermarket open.

Heavy police and other state agents presence in the CBD, particularly outside Choppies.

OK was using one door at first, but is now fully open.

Some civilian nurses and doctors turned up for work at health institutions such as Gweru Provincial Hospital and Mkoba Poly Clinic.

Internet, particularly social networks such as WhatsApp and Facebook 'locked'. They are however transmitting messages once in a while.