Friday, 15 July 2016

Demo at Nehanda police station in Mkoba 18

Blessed Muringo
Restive Gweru mourners reportedly raided Nehanda police station today, sending officers scurrying for cover.

This follows an incident in which the charred remains of a missing four year-old boy were found in a sack. Sources say some body parts were missing.

"The mourners were accusing police of sleeping on duty, concentrating more on 'raising money for 'chefs' by mounting numerous senseless roadblocks," said an informant.

Mkoba legislator Amos Chibaya finally managed to restrain the restive crowd.

Blessed Muringo(pictured) had been last seen alive at around 1830hrs, on 12 June this year.
Mkoba MP Amos Chibaya

Meanwhile, several other incidents of missing children in Mkoba have been reported. Body parts are said to fetch a lot of money in South Africa, were they are mixed with juju to enrich oneself, we were were made to believe.

Police were yet to comment at the time of posting.