Friday, 9 January 2015

Literacy: An Important Tool for Development

From Antelope Park's  Lion Alert Program 

Literacy: An Important Tool for Development: "Literacy is the cornerstone of development politically, socially and economically" said Sindiwe Magona, a South African prolific writer, civil servant and community activist. This statement holds true in an individual’s and a community’s develop.

The evidence of this is in the way literacy can create understanding of the surrounding world and provide context from which one can understand one’s own position by juxtaposing one’s own situation with information about those outside ones immediate environment. This in turn can be a foundation to build resilience, as well as to be able to perceive and seize a broad scope of opportunity.

Fortunately, the children at our reading club at Twabuka Primary School have realised the importance of being able to read and they continued to come for the reading sessions despite being on Christmas break. Our volunteers, Morgane (Belgium) and Katie (United States), besides from running the usual session had the privileges of welcoming our newest and youngest members to the club, who started the session of reading with practicing their Alphabet

We also continued the Mobile Library (which the children have fallen in love with) during the Christmas break and have watched the children embrace all it has to offer. We are excited that the children have continued to show great improvement in their reading abilities and are sure that improvement will continue. We are hopeful that this vital skill will help them to be informed and equipped enough to make good decisions and seize opportunities in their futures, and help to create bright futures for the children of Twabuka Primary.