Thursday, 20 November 2014

St Michaels' teacher loses teeth in pub fight with friend

Pupils from St Michael's Primary School in Ascot (File photo)
Robson Simoko of Ascot was fined $200 by magistrate Judith Taruvinga for assaulting Servious Murondi and knocking out his two front teeth.

Murondi is a teacher at St Michael's Primary School in Gweru and a close friend of Simoko.

 For the state, Daniel Tafuma told the court that on November 9, Murondi was drinking beer at Kalahari Cocktail bar in Gweru and Simoko was also present. The court heard that Simoko went to Murondi and told him that a very close friend of his had seen him several times with his wife in situations which suggest the two were lovers.

 Murondi did not take kindly to the accusations and insulted Simoko. Tafuma said Simoko pounced on Murondi with fists and struck him on the mouth with an empty beer bottle. Two teeth fell out.

 The matter was reported at Gweru Central Police station leading to Simoko's arrest.- Chronicle