Friday, 20 June 2014


A Gweru woman paid dearly for giving her husband a small portion of his favourite meal, sadza, when the man assaulted her with a log and clenched fists. Lovemore Mpofu, 50, of Plot 30 Vungwana North, presented some lighter moments to a court when he confessed to hitting his wife, Rumbidzai Chamisa, 32, after she served him with a small quantity of sadza. His confession did not, however, stop Gweru Magistrate, Gertrude Mayenyoso, from convicting Mpofu of charges of domestic violence.
Mayenyoso fined Mpofu $50 or 50 days in prison if he fails to pay the fine.

The magistrate said the issue of domestic violence was a cause for concern in Zimbabwe as cases seemed to be on the rise.
“While this court appreciates that the accused is a first offender and did not waste the court’s time by denying the crime, the charge of domestic violence is still a serious offence hence it’s this court’s duty to protect victims and to send a message to the community that the courts do not condone this kind of behaviour,” she said.

Prosecuting, Bernard Nyoni said on 10 June this year, Mpofu arrived home and was served supper by his wife, Chamisa.
He ate his share of the meal and when he was done, he proceeded without uttering any word to grab his wife’s plate and started eating her sadza.

When Chamisa quizzed her husband as to why he was helping himself to her plate of isitshwala, Mpofu flew into a rage.
He started shouting as he pointed out that his quantity of sadza was too small.

Mpofu then started bashing his wife using clenched fists before grabbing a nearby log and continued assaulting Chamisa all over the body.
He accused her of intentionally starving him by serving a small portion of sadza.
Chamisa, who sustained a swollen left eye as a result of the beatings, finally managed to escape and made a report to the police leading to Mpofu’s arrest.