Tuesday, 29 April 2014

You can only buy a one-dollar five-roomed house in Gweru!!!

You can only buy a one-dollar five-roomed house in Gweru!!!

With the cost of properties skyrocketing, one cannot hep but think whether an ordinary average earning Gweru citizen will ever be able to purchase a house, pasina chitsotsi or kumixer-mixer!

However when I entertained a group of marketeers adorned in bright yellow t-shirts selling $1 raffle tickets at Meikles Gweru, I could not help but contemplate trying that route to buy a house in a country where the unemployed or indigenous entrepreneur lives like an executive while professional gets peanut butter ingredients for a salary.

These Tinshel properties employees are also selling tickets outside Tim Takeaways along Sixth Street, Third Street near Kudzanai Bus terminus, and at Village 6 shopping centre.
I found out that you could win
1) a five roomed house at Tinshel Heights in Montrose
2) a 200 square metre stand
3) 40 bags of cement
4)2000 bags of cement
5)10 Door frame
A monthly consolation prize of electronic gadgets that range from stoves to fridges!
  One can also enter as many times as he or she likes.

"We did a market research and found out that people were not ready to fork out $10 or $10 for a ticket, then we had to come up with one dollar raffel tickets,' said Tinshel general manager Rob Vunganai. 

"As you know Nhasi, on account of you being a journalist, born close to four decades ago in this Midlands capital, Gweru turns 100 this year. Starr Jameson and crew were here long before that in the 1890s, but it was in 1914 that the Midlands capital was formally recognized as a municipality.

He added:"In our own way of celebrating and marking the century, we are giving out a stand and house, plust the other three prizes at the grand draw. But we will be dishing out consolation prizes every week starting on the
 2nd of May 2014. Someone is going to take home building materials and home electrical gadgets for free. Meet us at OK Supermarket, and if you are lucky you will win something!"