Monday, 28 April 2014

"My aides go AWOL, spend their time at MSU" -Machaya

Jason Machaya
"My aides go AWOL, spend their time at MSU" -Machaya

Provincial Minister for State Affairs (Midlands) Jason Machaya on 17 April confirmed what most of us know - that most men, including his aides, pay the Midlands State University (MSU) a frequent visit.

Of course, his aides had to go AWOL (absent without official leave) when they frequented the province's highest institution of learning. 

For obvious reasons.

Speaking at the Minister's Ball on Independence Eve at Regency Faimile Motel in the city before mostly business executives at the fundraising event, Machaya had this to confess:

"Ndaingogaroshamisika kuti sei mafield officers angu achigaro disappear kubasa. Then I found them at MSU.

"When they saw me vaibva vatanga kuhwanda nemadziro. After having visited the place myself, I now understand why one would not resist the urge to visit the school.

"No, do not runaway.MusatizeMSU is our school, chikoro chedu."

 However Machaya tried to explain away that his aides would pay the supposedly nocturnal visits to enjoy music from Zviri Mudeze, a mbira group consisting of highly qualified lecturers such as doctors.

What most people know is that the college has been coined "Midlands Sex University" after female students became the talk of Gweru,reportedly peddling their bodies for as little as $2 (See The Weekend Post) in order to pay for rentals since student accommodation at the campus is scarce.

Not many posh car-cruising macho men would drive to MSU to quench love for music, the mbira genre for that matter.

But for sex, of course.
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